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Hors D'oeuvres

(A small sample of our full menu)

Artichoke Hearts Nutini

artichokes dipped in a light batter &

sautéed in olive oil ~ creamy parmesan dip


Laura Chenel Chèvre Grapes +

grapes filled with goat cheese ~ rolled in pistachio nuts

Chicken and Waffles

drizzled with maple syrup


Pasta Pillows

filled with chestnuts, fontina cheese, celery root

lightly toasted and sprinkled with truffle salt


Lobster on a Spoon

lobster tail ~ roasted & chilled ~ orange segments, cilantro


Harris Ranch Beef Bacon Cheese Sliders

grass-fed burgers ~ secret sauce

american cheese ~ sweet and buttery buns


Ahi Tuna Cones

served in a crispy nori, rice paper cone

sesame oil and ginger dressing ~ avocado


Portabella Fries

served with a worcestershire sea salt


Great Balls of Lamb & Feta

lamb meatballs ~ mint infused-feta cheese

To view our full menu, please contact us.
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