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Cart Concepts

Small Plate Carts

Completed entrées presented as “small plates”

usually including a protein, vegetable and starch for balance.

Selecting several options ensures that all of your guests’ tastes are satisfied

Tempura & Zaru Soba Bar

Soba is served chilled with nori seaweed

Tempura of prawns, eggplant, Japanese sweet potato, assorted vegetables

~ accompanied with dipping sauce, wasabi, daikon and pickled ginger

Korean Barbecue

teriyaki flank steak on a bed of sushi rice & asian slaw

presented over a crispy red lettuce leaf with a red pepper coulee

Prawns Provencal

large prawns sautéed in garlic, white wine,

 and fresh herbs ~ jasmine rice ~ tomato salad

Action Carts

Allowing your guests to actively create their own dishes gives a unique dining experience.

The guests receive the main “theme” ingredient, adding accoutrements to fit their tastes.

Interaction between guests and our knowledgeable cart staff adds excitement and interest.

Vietnamese Pho

vietnamese comfort food ~

cup of rice noodles to which the guests may add

grilled flank steak ~ duck confit ~ scallion cilantro

~ bean sprouts ~ chilies lime ~ peanuts ~ mint ~ basil

rooster sauce ~ dried chilies ~ lime ~ lemon grass - ginger broth

Shaking not Stirred Salad Station

Items are selected by guests ~ shaken in Cocktail Shakers ~ Served in Martini Glasses

mix lettuces of red leaf, romaine, baby spring, spinach ~ tomatoes

~ cucumber ~ red onion ~ sprouts ~ rosemary croutons ~ candies nuts ~ carrots

~ strawberries ~ pancetta ~ apples ~ bleu & feta cheese ~ olives

dressings are; dijon ~ fig-balsamic ~ honey-lemon ~ green goddess ~ blue cheese

Tasting Bars

Slider Bar

each on a specific  house-made bun

Beef, bacon & cheddar ~ Southwest crispy chicken & ranch

~ Quinoa &  beer caramelized onions ~ Seared tuna &  wasabi aioli

~ Moroccan mushrooms, charmoula,  marinated portabellas, harissa jam

~ Grilled lamb slider, cucumbers & harissa aioli

~ Miso glazed salmon & hot mango cucumber salsa

Kebob Bar

Coconut-marinated short ribs with peanut chili

~ Barbeque pork with roasted chili pumpkin seed salsa

~ Soy basted chicken & sesame-citrus sprinkle

Cumin chili lamb with garlic yogurt

Taco Bar

served on corn soft shells

Mexican grilled chicken pico de gallo ~ Korean style beef ribs salsa

~ sweet potato with corn, french feta, chives & chile de arbol salsa

Seafood Bar - Raw Bar

a selection of market fresh oysters on the half shell,

chilled prawns, alaskan crab legs & sushi

~ accompanied with horseradish, cocktail sauce, mignonette,

soy sauce, wasabi and fresh lemon

To view our full menu, please contact us.
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