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Plated Site Downs by Pacific Connection Catering

This formal atmosphere is created by seamlessly coordinated and
well trained teams in both the Kitchen and Dining Room.

The Dining Room
A key to GREAT SERVICE is having the correct number of experienced staff. Our standard ratio of wait staff to guests is 1 to 12. “Synchronized Service” is the format we use for a ballet-like presentation. This is where guests at each table are served together, with flair.

The Kitchen
Beyond our demand of using only fresh, and local ingredients, Chef Donna is adamant that her plate designs be natural yet elegant. “Fresh Plate-Up” is the format we use, meaning all cooking is done ON SITE just prior to plate assembly then presented within moments to your guests.

"Everyone Raved !
The food was delicious and so beautifully presented.
The staff was so professional !"

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