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Cart Cuisine Stations from Pacific Connection Catering

Carts Cuisines add a unique dining experience by allowing your guests to mingle while enjoying a wide variety of “Cart Cuisines” that are offering specifically designed hors d’oeuvres and small plates. We offer four styles for your guests to enjoy and experience.

“Starter Cart”
Offers one item, typically used during the hors d’oeuvre phase of an event. You may want to have several “Starter Carts” or just one to compliment other passed hors d’oeuvres.

“Small Plate Cart”
Offers entrees presented on “small plates” and is an option to plated dinners. Having several carts with different items ensures your guests’ tastes are satisfied.

“Action Carts”
Create a unique dining experience by allowing your guests to actively create their dishes. The guests receive the main “theme” ingredient and add the accoutrements to fit their tastes. Interaction between guests and our knowledgeable cart staff adds excitement and interest.

“Ultimate Cart”
A concept combining all of the above formats with open & counter seating and the uniqueness of bringing the entire kitchen, along with its energy, into the event. One large station is designed with an open center and an exterior, raised to counter height. Multiple mini-kitchens preparing different items from within, and possibly the bars as well are placed inside. Bar stools are placed at key spots around the station providing counter seating for your guests where they can watch the kitchen in action and try all that is offered.

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